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Australia green rush

Bob Hope (footnote in Infinite Jest, by author David Foster Wallace), bud, Bobby Brown, brown (resin), brown frown (low quality), cess, cheeba, cheg (very small amount of resin), chronic (high quality), course notes, dagga (from Afrikaans via South Africa), dak, dank, diesel (low quality resin), dime (a relative measurement of Cannabis), dodo, dope, doobage, doja, draw, dro (derived from hydroponics), eighth (standard quantity used for trading - 1/8 Imperial Ounce), electric puha (from puha, a plant in New Zealand), fire, frodis (from The Monkees), funk, ganja or ganj (abbreviated) (from Hindi), grass, green, hash (hashish, arabic for grass), hay, herb, indo or endo, instaga, IZM, jimmy, kind (short for kind bud), kushempeng, lamb's bread, lef, marijuana (originally subcultural), Mary Jane, Mexican kilobrick (low-grade, highly-compressed import), mids (middle quality), mota, nickle (half of a dime, above),nodge (small amount of hashish), nug, nugget or nugs, Moss, Old Toby, ozzie (ounce), pakalolo (from Hawaii), Paul Zurawski, pot, reefer, regs (regular strength), Sampson, sensimilla or sensi, shake (leaf and seeds at bottom of bag), schwag (low quality), schwugs (middle quality - portmanteau of schwag and nugs), skunk, solid (resin), small, sticky-icky-icky, sweet G, tea, tree, wacky tobacky/baccy, weed, bible worksheets, george, Goofy Boots, headies...

Reefer was common in the early twentieth century, but it is now often used only humorously, often in reference to the 1930s propaganda film Reefer Madness, which significantly misrepresented the effects of cannabis. Terms also from this time period are: mex, Mezz, muggles, gage, jive, viper...

Cannabis User
blazer, head, herbalista, pothead, stoner, toker

Cannabis Cigarette/Cigar
bat, beedie, biff, bifta, blunt (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuana), breezie, doobie, dutchie, cannon or fatty (large), fattie-bo-blattie, J, joint, L (rolled in two cigar leafs), Marley (enormous), spliff, gotti or godfather (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled without cutting), zoot, Gorilla Finger, pinner(small), Hog Leg (girthy joint)

To smoke Cannabis
bake, blaze (it up), burn some rope, bubble, bun, burn, cached (when bowl is finished), chief, chong, spark Choof, fly Mexican airlines, fry, (to) get lit, (to play) golf, (to have a) green day, ignite, light up, puff, sesh (from session),smoo rocket, toke (up), tokin', toke up, spark up, take the Marrakesh Express, talk to Larry, talk to Sampson, wake And bake (smoking in the morning after waking up)...

Cannabis Intoxication
baked, blasted, blazed, blitzed, (to be) bloust/blousted, blowed, buzzed, chared, chiefed, chink-eyed (offensive), faded, goofed, grilled, high, kained, keyed, lean, lit, lifted, mashed, monged, monstertrucked, mullered, rinseout, ripped, smashed, spaced (out), stoned, toasted, throwed, twisted, torn up, jazzed, wasted, wrecked, zonked, Ganked, Geeked or Geeked Out, Schreechin.....

Effects of Cannabis
burnt, burnt out (tiredness), munchies (hunger), drewth, cottonmouth (Dry-Mouth), Green Out/Green Fever (Get sick) Whitey or "throwing a whitey" (state of fear/paranoia and/or nausea/vomiting where your face actually goes pale), zone out or zoning...

Cannabis Paraphernalia
bat or batty, bong, bowl, bubbler, carb, carburetor, cone, dugout, glass pipe, graffix, gravity-bong, hammer, hitter-box, hookah, hurricane, one-hitter, piece, power-hitter, resin chamber, roach clip, shotgun, sneak-a-toke, spoon, steamroller, stone, toot, vaporizer, waterfall bong, wraps (rolling papers), apple and carrot bong, zoomer or zoom tube, zong...

Miscellaneous Cannabis-related slang
to pick up (to buy and/or collect cannabis), to cop (to buy cannabis), to chop (to sell cannabis), to deal or to sling (to sell cannabis), to be live (to have cannabis to sell), holding or Holden Caufield (possessing cannabis), cashed (finished--said of a pipeful of cannabis; also for the smoker's bloodshot eyes), bogart (to take too long in consumption without passing in a social setting), kicked (finished - said of a pipefull or a bong), snap (to smoke an entire bowl in one inhalation), killer (the practice of not exhaling a toke until the spliff has been passed to everybody, also called taxi, jamaican hits, baseball, marathon, etc.), hippie hit (hitting a section of a bowl in order for others to get an equal "green" hit), puff puff pass (method of smoking blunt or joint, two hits then passed), baptize....

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