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Welcome to Cannabis Education Centre.

Our website presents the best brands of cannabis oil that have shown their effectiveness, also pay attention to CBD gummies and CBD pills for pain and remember that the full treatment should provide you with your doctor.

We are currently working on updating this site to provide a wide selection of cannabis seeds.

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Dutch Passion
Dutch Passion Feminized
Paradise Seeds
Sagarmatha Seeds
Sensi Seeds
The Doggies Nuts
The Doggies Nuts Feminized
Pukka Seeds
Pukka Seeds Feminized
Black Label
High Quality Seeds
High Quality Seeds Feminized
KC Brains

The Cannabis plant can be dried or otherwise processed to yield products containing large concentrations of compounds that have medicinal and psychoactive effects when ingested, usually by smoking or eating. Cannabis has been used for medical and psychoactive effects for thousands of years. Throughout the 20th century there was a massive upswing in the use of cannabis as a psychoactive substance, mostly for recreational purposes but to some extent for religious purposes. Due to negative media attention regarding its psychoactive effects, as well as heavy lobbying from pharmaceutical companies, the possession, use, or sale of psychoactive cannabis products became illegal in most parts of the world during the early twentieth century, and remains that way today.
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Seeds may only be germinated in countries/areas where it is legally permitted. In the United States & parts of the EU these seeds are for use as a collection piece, pet food, fishing bait or novelty item only. We do not endorse and actively discourage people from breaking their local laws. It is the buyer's responsibility to check these items are in accordance with their localised legislation.
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